Welcome to the Birgie Trophy & Awards store website. Birgie is a family-owned business. We provide online trophies, medals, sublimation blanks, crystals,plaques, sublimation metals and many other advertisement materials on both retail and wholesale basis. Birgie trophy & Awards is a manufacturer and distributor of ERAY throughout Europe and UK which has been established in 1960’s as a leading company to supply advertising and gift items. Birgie GmbH is located in Dortmund, Germany. It will be available to make purchases online 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week. Our products such as; awards, medals, sublimation blanks, plaques, recognition & the promotional requirements for your organization. Our aim is to offer quality products, outstanding service and good prices for our customers. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and care. Birgie combines the creativity and superior quality in order to meet exceptional desires of our customers. Our mission is to assure 100% customer satisfaction. No matter how much budget you have, we strongly and vigorously reflect our years of experience and provide you the best service by a professional, approach. As a result of wonderful workmanship of our creative, trustable and valuable team, Birgie has recently made a outstanding progress on sales for all of countries in Europe and UK. We also tried our best to make our online ordering system as easy as possible for our customers and clients. You can easily make your payment by paypal.